Examples of our work

Some international banks and insurance companies are using Coteng custom made software to send an SMS with security code to PC banking customers when they log on. With thousands of customers using online banking, reliable and extreme fast handling of these communications is key. Coteng made specific software to integrate Fax, SMS, e-mail and other communication methods into the main systems of the bank.

Coteng is the software development partner of a major global player on the car-paint repair market. All over the globe, body shops are using Coteng software to measure the color of the car, calculate a matching recipe and prepare the paint using automated scales. More than 15 years of partnership have resulted in software that does not only help find the correct color, but also automates other processes (stock control, cost calculation, quality control etc.) in the workflow of the modern bodyshop.

Since 2003 Coteng is the software partner of a major player on the Benelux digital signage market. A user friendly interface allows users to mix different types of media content, define what to show when, on which screen, anywhere in the world, all this from one or multiple (remote) location(s). The software is being used in fast-food restaurants, Brussels airport, a chain of consumer paint shops, restaurants etc. the main systems of the bank.

Our Clients

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